Well the time is finally here, my Kombucha Tea was harvested on Good Friday, it took a little longer to get to 3.6 PH, 19 days to be exact. So friday I put my frozen mixed berries into a 1 Ltr amber bottle added my Kombucha Tea, then in another bottle I added Ginger Root.

Here is what it looked like when I harvested the Kombucha.



Today is Monday the day after Resurrection Sunday, the Kombucha Tea Flavors are ready! They are sooooo yummy too! I love the Ginger Ale the best!



What flavors have you made? What are you favorite? What health benefits have you gained since you started drinking Kombucha?


Lotion Bar

I am in love with my lotion bar! My skin is so soft, moisturized all night long! Still shiny looking in the morning! It lasts through many hands washings. The lotion bar was so easy to make too, I used equal parts of cocoa butter, Shea butter, coconut oil, a small amount of vitamin e, and essential oils, chose antibacterial ones so my lotion bar is a luxurious version of hand sanitizer and lotion! My daughter put it on her terribly wind burned hands and she said they feel awesome now, healing perfectly, one day later her hands have little sign of the being chapped.

All natural deodorant

It is time for another batch of deodorant! I love my recipe, I’ve been using this one for over a year now and it still rocks!

Instead of putting it into deodorant tubes this time I stuck the whole batch in a wide mouth mason jar. I tripled the recipe and it fit nicely. Talk about easy and not time at all, I am so happy to have detoxes pits. 🙂 my mother in law came over and helped make things too, we made an anti-aging face serum that smells awesome, body butter, lotion bars, laundry powder, shaving soap, hand soap, lip gloss tinted and non tinted, foundation, and blush. Lots of fun and lots of products!

Here is a picture of the Lemon and Tea Tree Deodorant and some of the goodies we made. Enjoy!





Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklaces

I love using essential oils instead of medicine. I love making home remedies and finding ways to live healthy, and live better! I was praying for creative thoughts and ideas to bring some money into my family and the Lord dropped some ideas in me! I love when he answers prayer! I enjoy doing a lot of things being creative, artistic, and experimenting.

The past three years has been a fun journey for me, I have learned a lot of things through reading a ton of books, researching online, and talking with people I consider experiments in the matter. My family didn’t always like the changes that I made health wise but they are accustom to it now. It was pretty easy to implement because I do all the shopping and what we have is what we eat. 🙂 it helps to use blood test results to back up your new way of living as to why we are doing things differently.

One of my absolute favorite things I’ve created this year that a lot of people already love as much as I do are my aromatherapy diffuser necklaces! They are an excellent way to use essential oils. You add 2-3 drops of EO to the diffuser disc and enjoy! I’ve have so many of my friends tell me “I love sitting next to you, you always smell so good!” I met a fabulous lady up north who owns an essential oil, and whole body health store, who wanted to carry my products! So thank you Lord, my necklaces have been selling great there and online! I love when God answers prayer and blesses his children.

If you are wondering what I sell please visit my Etsy Shop! The name of my shop is JensWellnessEmporium you will find homemade goats milk glycerin soap, nasal inhalers with essential oils, the necklaces, and seasoned salt.

A few items for now, but plans to extend in 2015, adding lip balms, boo boo balms, salves, etc.

I also have a Facebook page under the same name as Etsy.